Sarah Thomas

5 Day Fitness Challenge

Embark on a transformative journey with Burn Fat & Feast's 5-Day Fitness Challenge! 🚀 Designed to kickstart your fitness goals, this challenge offers dynamic workouts tailored for all levels, including beginner options to ensure everyone can participate. Join us for five exhilarating days filled with invigorating exercises, expert guidance, and motivational support. Each day, you'll engage in energizing workouts that target different muscle groups, boost your metabolism, and enhance your overall fitness. But that's not all! As a bonus, you'll receive a FREE week of access to our entire library of workouts. Explore our extensive collection of over 1,000 workouts, try out different styles, and find the routines that resonate with you. With options ranging from HIIT to strength training to yoga, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, don't miss our LIVE kickoff call and wrap-up call where we'll share tips on working out effectively during menopause. Join us for our LIVE member workout on Saturday, June 8th, and remember—all challenge workouts will be available in our app and on-demand so you can complete them at your leisure. Let's crush those fitness goals together!

Plan Includes

  • 5 days of workouts complete with beginner options and modifications

  • Access to a private group inside the Burn Fat & FEAST app

  • Access to our founder, Sarah and the BFF team to answer your questions

  • Free week of access to our entire workout library

  • BONUSES AND EXCLUSIVE offers to all participants

How it works

  • All content, groups and communication will be accessed in the BFF app.
  • Download the BFF app from the App Store to join the fun
9 days

One Time Payment


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